‘A country rebuilt by women’

After the genocide, over 70% of the population in Rwanda was female. Today, may people say that Rwanda is a country rebuilt by women.

_MG_4204 copy

After celebrating International Women’s Day, it felt fitting to shine a light on female empowerment in Rwanda. For example, did you know that women in power at a leadership level has resulted in the highest female representation in parliament anywhere in the world?

During the production of Beyond A Thousand Hills, we spent time with inspiring Rwandan women, across all levels of society, witnessing first-hand the cascading effect of female empowerment.

_MG_4010 copy

From witnessing well-organised and creative women’s co-operatives along the Congo Nile Trail in rural Rwanda, through to our dealings with the Rwandan Development Board in Kigali and the countless female AEC entrepreneurs we visited and interviewed. Rwanda champions women’s rights far better than any country we’ve ever visited.

While you think about and appreciate all the wonderful women in your life, spend a moment to take a look at how this tiny country, nestled in the heart of East Africa is demonstrating a truly progressive and impactful approach to gender equality.

_MG_2399 copy

To meet and hear about many of the wonderful Rwandan women we met, pick up a copy of Beyond A Thousand Hills on Amazon. All profits are being donated to support local Rwandan entrepreneurs.




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